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Below is our whole school blog, every class at Swinefleet update this blog regularly. Sometimes the blog post may be focused to one class, and sometimes it may be about a whole school event.  

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Embedded Blog

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Spring 1

This week in Rubies we are thinking about Valentine's Day with a focus on Italy. The children are learning about Italian culture, we are making pizza dough in the malleable area and learning about the provenance of Valentine's Day. 


Monday 27th February


This week in Rubies we will be thinking about growth. We will be planting seeds and monitoring their growth over the next few weeks.


Monday 6th March 

This week we will be focussing on Kings and Queens by learning about the role of the monarchy and the history of the British monarchy. In maths we are beginning to think about measure and in English we will be writing letters to the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

Scientific Sapphires (WB 6th February 2017)

This week in Sapphire class we have been up to all kinds of different things.
In English we have been looking at the different features of a play script; colons, speech, narrator, stage directions and more, before having a go at writing our very own scripts about an earthquake in school.
Our favourite part of the week was on Thursday, when we designed and created 3D structures that would be able to survive an earthquake. Everyone thought really carefully about their design and worked well with the apparatus they were given (they only had spaghetti and marshmallows). The best part was testing the structures by placing them on top of a very wobbly jelly to simulate an earthquake. Almost every structure survived! Well done Sapphires, you really are super.

From The Bookshelf and Evacuation... (WB 27th Februsary 2017)

As the new half term began, so did our new topic, From the Bookshelf.  This half term all our work will be based around our chosen class book; Goodnight Mister Tom.
Due to this we are going to be learning all about WWII, so to kick it all off we had an evacuation afternoon, where we thought all about what it might have been like to be a child in the 1940's who was going to be evacuated.
We learned how and why children were sent to new homes during the evacuation, we discussed how they might have felt, what they might have packed and made our own identity labels and ID cards for the journey.
Although we really ejoyed the afternoon, we're very pleased that we don't have to do anything like that now.
We also enjoyed chilling in our pajamas as part of World Book Day, and getting to grips with biomes around the world... Ask your child about them, I bet they can tell you lots of information!

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